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Siggy Freud – Dog Assistant Therapy

Siggy is a dog assistant therapist. He is light brown Standard Poodle.  His job is to interact with those who want to meet him.

Studies have shown that animals can promote emotional and psychological healing for children, adolescents, adults, and elders. Interaction with Siggy can reduce stress levels and increase your sense of well-being.

Siggy welcomes his clients with a warm tail wag and loves having humans pet him. He is only available on a “as needed basis”.  When someone does not need him in therapy, he understands and has a special space in the office where he rests to prepare for his next client.

Siggy’s Journal

Siggy has been trained under the supervision of Julie Briney through a New Leash on Life and the Homeward Bound Project.  Siggy is constantly studying and learning new skills.

Siggy goes Boston Strong

Siggy went Boston Strong this winter. It was windy and -to surprise us all-, not too cold this year. Here, Siggy’s hair is blowing with the wind.

Siggy keeps on traveling

Siggy traveled to attend the Research Training Program held in Argentina this past July, 2016. He was also able to perform a pilot project at two local hospitals.

Siggy is Four!

      Siggy is turning four this year. He went for a nice walk and then he opened his present.

Siggy visits Chicago

Siggy had a fanstastic time walking by Michigan St, and around Chicago. He even attended an open concert at the park.

Siggy travels the Texas Eagle

  This past August, 2015, Siggy went to Chicago. He woke up early, had a nice walk and a delicious breakfast. Then, packed just a few things and went to take the 7:50 AM- Texas Eagle train. Here two pictures: One showing how much he enjoyed the ride; and the other one depicts quite well his fascination with the city …Read More

Siggy goes to Buenos Aires

       Siggy looking as I was preparing his suitcase. Siggy had a great time in Argentina. He behaved like a gentleman and looks forward to his next adventure.

Fall is here

Siggy enjoying the change of season.

Happy Birthday Boy!!

Today is Siggy’s birthday. To celebrate we went off for a long walk and then got his present, a nice chewy bone.

Certified Team

In the morning of Wednesday, June 25, 2014 Siggy woke up early. He was a bit anxious knowing that a big day was a head of him. He had a nice walk and delicious breakfast, before putting on his collar and boots. Then, he felt ready. All his training, effort and previous tests were just …Read More

Good Citizen

After much training, Siggy passed the Good Citizen test.