Roth Clinic


Siggy Freud – Dog Assistant Therapy

Siggy is a dog assistant therapist. He is light brown Standard Poodle.  His job is to interact with those who want to meet him.

Studies have shown that animals can promote emotional and psychological healing for children, adolescents, adults, and elders. Interaction with Siggy can reduce stress levels and increase your sense of well-being.

Siggy welcomes his clients with a warm tail wag and loves having humans pet him. He is only available on a “as needed basis”.  When someone does not need him in therapy, he understands and has a special space in the office where he rests to prepare for his next client.

Siggy’s Journal

Siggy has been trained under the supervision of Julie Briney through a New Leash on Life and the Homeward Bound Project.  Siggy is constantly studying and learning new skills.

Siggy goes to San Francisco

Siggy is indeed a traveler. He zooms to Boston on a regular basis. This past April, 2014, Siggy flew to San Francisco for a wedding celebration. He was center of attention by the piers, at the Golden bridge as well as in Sausalito.

Back to School

Maybe you came accross to a group of dogs training at the Chesterfield mall on Wednesday evenings. Siggy was among them. After so much hard work, he went off to Boston for a nice relaxing and chilly weekend. He enjoyed the parks at Cambridge, the shelter offered by Lucila Rosso, and the generosity of passengers …Read More

Brookings Park

Dogs help in the healing process of mind and body. Here, Siggy is seen in action, bringing smiles and colours to Mrs. Berniece Brandmeyer.

The Gatesworth

Siggy enjoyed a wonderful evening of music and padding at The Gatesworth, in St Louis, MO. In this picture he is shown next to Mrs. Betty Brown.

Trip to Springfield

Siggy goes on a trip to Springfield, MO.


Siggy finished the program and graduated as a full service dog. His family and friends missed him very much all those three months Siggy spent at the “boarding school”. I am grateful for the work and dedication provided by Homeward Bound Project and its staff.