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Our sense of self

At the start up of the day everyone washes their face. Most people strive to look good or to make a good impression on others. In any interpersonal tension, there is a longing to be loved, and even admired. We want to be held as much as we hold others. The following are short scripts about skin, body, the sense of self and the construction of our identity.

Body and identity are constructions

  Body and identity are personally and socially constructed. For Horton Cooley (1902/1922) selfhood is the result of three elements: 1) The imagination of our appearance to others; 2) Our imagination people’s judgment of our appearance; 3) The feeling that might arise from that, such as pride or mortification. He believed our body scheme was flexible and constantly being reshaped by our experiences and …Read More

The Danger of Praising

I have previously mentioned the importance of judgment on our sense of self. So, what about praise? Approval is most beneficial when perceived as sincere. It can encourage increased performance, promote autonomy, and enhance competence. Furthermore, praise can moderate negative characteristics of the recipient, such as age, gender, and culture. According to Dweck (2007), praise …Read More

Are you made out of glass?

Feeling that one is made out of glass can be overwhelming. At times we can feel like others can see right through us, as if we were made out of glass. It is not a comfortable experience. Often times it comes with the idea that others are judgmental of us. That we are being criticized …Read More

3 years of age in child development

At 3 years of age children have not yet grasped the full meaning of space and time. They are coming out of a first stage centered in the here and now of their action. They might be too young to have a sense of borders and countries, or to have a full understanding of future …Read More

Father’s role in child development

Father’s role can be key to child development and to our society at large. The role of a father is not as evident from the start as that of the mother. Mother’s relationship to the baby starts building up from the early job of feeding their child. Traditionally, fathers serve as models for the capacity …Read More

The impossible to reach beauty ideals

Beauty ideals can be impossible to reach. We don’t just have a body. In our body we display our self-feelings, our understanding of who we are and how we are placed in the world. Social ideals of beauty are not set on stone. There is a cultural dispersion in which people speak different languages and …Read More